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SONCOZ(Shenzhen) Technology Co.,ltd

1.The Power Of Original Sound.

First draft: March 2019 Shenzhen

Update: Shenzhen June 2020

2.From Soncoz

SONCOZ is a brand of SONCOZ(Shenzhen) Technology Co.,ltd. SONCOZ was established in Shenzhen in March 2019.

SONCOZ focuses on the research and development of audio-visual products, providing high-quality audio-visual products and comprehensive audio-visual solutions to users around the world.

3.Soncoz definition and meaning

SONCOZ is the homonym of “pine cones,” pine trees are not afraid of severe winter, and they will eventually bear fruit.

Don’t be afraid of challenges, face difficulties directly, don’t forget your original intentions, forge ahead.

SONCOZ is also a simplified English spelling of SONG (sound) and COZY (warm).

The warm and cozy sound is a kind of positive energy, and it is expected to accompany us like happiness and health.

4.Soncoz slogan

“The Power of Original Sound” is the Slogan of SONCOZ brand and the internal driving force of SONCOZ product design and innovation.

SONCOZ’s audiovisual products are dedicated to restoring every detail and dynamic of audiovisual works, authentically reproducing the artist’s inspiration during creation.

Pursuing the original reproduction of the audiovisual works is the core connotation of the SONCOZ brand. It motivates the SONCOZ team to fear the difficulties and challenges, strives for product excellence, and provide meticulous service.

5.Soncoz logo

SONCOZ Logo was developed using pine cones as a prototype. The color is turquoise, which means SONCOZ is in the process of thriving.

Logo main image:


The top service provider of comprehensive audio-visual solutions around you.