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I really like to have balanced outputs in a DAC given the fact that they connect to a PC and hence, it is very easy to wind up with ground loops. Usually balanced output comes at a cost of higher price as it is considered a premium feature. Not the case here. You get XLR output and importantly, with superbly low noise and distortion for a really budget price. The nice case completes the picture.

Given all of this, I am happy to recommend the Soncoz LA-QXD1 DAC. 

–Amir Majidimehr (Amirm), Audio Science Review

Given the great design skills of Ben, I expected an exceptional DAC and that is almost what we got. There is great attention paid to keeping noise and interference to a minimum. All of this helps SGD1 beat over 200 DACs in SINAD (distortion plus noise)! Unfortunately, courtesy of design quirks in ESS DAC chip, we have rising intermodulation distortion in mid levels

Until then, I am going to recommend the Soncoz SGD1

–Amir Majidimehr (Amirm), Audio Science Review

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When you hear a warm and pleasant musical tune, your spirits elevate, the heart is warmed, and your body is brought back into balance. Sound and vibration have ​a powerful impact on ​our health, happiness and well-being.

At SONCOZ, we have made it our mission to design only the very best audio products that can achieve balanced, full-range and bit-perfect reproduction of every note, frequency, and detail of your music.

Your music should enrich, it should convey emotions of all ​variety, and most importantly it should bring the hearts and minds of those whom you ​love closer together.